Artist Statement

I work in a broad range of creative expressions including graphite and charcoal drawing, abstract and plein-air painting, printmaking and writing poetry.  Everything I explore requires my willingness to “not know”.  In particular, my monoprints (one of a kind paintings on paper) lend themselves to a kind of dialogic process where I sometimes will combine my interest in image and text in order to discover what lies behind and beneath the observable world.

My creative process is a constant turning, a call and response with brush and color, pen and ink.  The gift of time, silence and solitude is essential for my ability to probe the true nature of things.

My work is to fully observe what is occurring in the visual world so that in careful observation of it, I can illumine through my art and writing what I see as well as what is not so apparent.

The process of moving paint around or etching a beautiful line across a sheet of handmade paper, or finding just the right word for a poem…these efforts always bring me to life.  They are ways of saying. “ I was here, and I invite you to join me.” I make art and write poems to invite others to fully experience their own lives.



519 Van Ness Ave, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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