Artist Statement

I delight in the experience of applying paint to canvas, in constructing layers, and adding texture. My greatest inspiration comes from ancient wisdom and all that connects us to one another, to our collective history, and to that which lies beyond the physical world. Text of ancient prayers, mantras, and words of wisdom often find their way onto my canvases, either visibly or somewhat hidden beneath the surface.

In 1992, I began cutting into the canvas surface… creating openings, or windows within the paintings. More recently, I’ve developed a love affair with raw canvas and the experience of preparing the strings, fringes, and frayed edges. Layers of the cloth are sewn onto stretched canvas or added as a textural element beneath the painted surface.

During the pandemic, circles and grids began taking shape in my work. The grid representing each of us as individuals, yet part of the whole. And the circular shape expressing the wholeness, oneness, and unity we all share.