Artist Statement

Being a longtime darkroom and digital photographer, and also passionate about printmaking, I yearn to bring these two mediums together to create a unique creative outlet for me. Photographic Wood Transferring has allowed me to marry these two passions and fuels my artistic process.

Travel is also one of my passions and a constant throughout my life. In my travels both around the world as well as closer to home here within the state of California, I’ve taken many photos and collected numerous artifacts (old fence boards, siding from old barns, driftwood, etc)  from these locations I’ve photographed. I use these artifacts as my canvas to impress my photos upon and capture not just that moment in time but also the history and spirit of that moment.

I gravitate towards the sometimes overlooked beauties of nature and everyday life. Freezing a moment in time that tells a story, and then transferring that image to a physical artifact that has a story all in itself is the creative marriage I strive for. I’ve always been a collector (albeit if you ask my husband he’ll call me a hoarder) and have always wanted to document my visual stories to share them with the world, my art allows me this outlet.


611 36th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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