Artist Statement

I began painting using watercolors, and very carefully developed in that media. Usually I would draw something using thin, fragile ink lines. I explored creatures with animal heads, and wings. I developed my own sort of personal symbolism, with vague references to classical Greek myths. I drew on themes of personal relationships as I pondered them. I was very idealistic at this time.

Eventually I craved new subject matter and new media. I tried acrylic on canvas and recoiled in horror at the bright, fake, candy colors that emerged. It took a while to develop the same nuances I’d learned to lure from watercolors. I started painting outside, in the great outdoors, dazzled by “high adventure” as I battled the elements of weather. I’ve had watercolors blown right into the paper by unruly winds; blasting out of nowhere. I’ve had unwanted attention; High risk individuals wandering over, wanting me to “party” with them. Painting outdoors puts you in more of a vulnerable position.

I’m always hoping to capture the essence of a place and/or experience, and if I do, I'll consider that image a success!


Dover Drive, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

(831)462-1051 or (831)346-9186 (cell)