Artist Statement

Original artwork inspired by the beauty of nature, combining the lightness of feathers with the darkness of skulls, to celebrate the adornment of nature's creations.

I started to create feather earrings at Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany, before I came to California and sold my Ear Art wholesale and retail all over the United States. I collected my feathers from Bird Parks and private owners all over the world.

More recently I rediscovered my feathers after a trip to the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota, where an art teacher of the school my wife taught a workshop convinced me to get a Buffalo skull from a National Wildlife Refuge. We went there and I was able to get a mighty one. That night I had dreams of buffaloes and the dreamy moon-like landscape of the Badlands close by. Back in Santa Cruz eventually I opened that old box with feathers and created my first feathered skull.


215 Walk Circle, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

(831) 247-4362
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