Artist Statement

Savannah Rigney is artist and owner of Thistle Studio. Savannah moved to Santa Cruz in 2019 and began making jewelry through the art of lost wax casting. Each piece is inspired by the many landscapes of California. From the flowers, mountains, and sea - Thistle Studio captures the uncommon and refined beauty in each design.

Thistle Studio designs each ring to be made with recycled bronze and silver. Each design is hand carved in wax, then sent to a local caster to undergo the investment and casting process within the lost wax casting technique. Her earrings are sculpted from white porcelain clay and dipped in a variety of glazes.

Thistle Studio are guided by natural forms and textures to create to create an understated beauty.  Thistle Studio designs aims to practice an art rooted in tradition, and embrace a relationship of honesty and imperfection with the natural world.

Please contact the artist for information about purchases and custom designs.


116 McPherson Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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