Artist Statement

My current passion in my photography is to capture true to life images while on the move via travel or a physical adventure, and most often in a remote location or foreign country. Through my images I aim to tell a story of the culture, people, wildlife and landscape I’m experiencing. My print medium choices are; metal, wood, acrylic and fine art paper. I offer images in a variety of sizes so I can share my experiences with a broader audience.

As an endurance athlete I’ve been ‘moving forward’ for most of my life—literally—via running, hiking, triathlon, adventure racing, mountaineering and adventuring.  My passion of sharing my experiences in over 100 countries through my speaking, writing, and coaching, evolved to include photography, in 2011. I’ve slowed down the pace of my physical adventures in the past ten years enough to develop a love relationship with image capturing while on the move.

My love of photography sparked in the fall of 2011, when I led a 4-person expedition traversing the country of Bhutan via a never-been-done route, trekking and mountain biking and while our team shot a documentary film, Crossing Bhutan. I have returned to Bhutan one to two times per year since the expedition, to live and volunteer with the Bhutan Olympic Committee and Bhutan Philanthropy Ventures, always with my camera in hand. As Bhutan became a second home over time, by love of photography blossomed there and has flourished throughout all my subsequent travels and adventures.

I am incessantly curious, enjoy pushing myself physically in nature and thrive in exotic cultures and remote geography. Since I aim to express real life in my images and am often shooting while on the move, I rely a lot on natural light. I am most curious about capturing reality, as I see it, and the challenge of best sharing those experiences with others, so my images are minimally edited.