Artist Statement

One day out of the blue art found me.

You see, back in the early 90's, I was quite suddenly plucked from life as I'd known it, speeded up until I was zinging and zanging with wildectricalauditoryotherworldlyness, spun around vigorously and then dumped, piece by piece into the bushes. This sudden change in my frequency left me buzzy, fatigued and extraordinarily sleepless most all of the time so that I was no longer able to keep up with friendships, work, or much about my old life, and was pulled way deep IN, to this very alone and helpless-feeling place.

About when I hit bottom art found me. My sweetie Fred suggested, when I asked for his wise advice, that maybe I'd like to take up painting as a way to open myself back into joy. Boy was he right! Something about slathering paint around,,,it flings open all my doors and windows to this exuberant new-in-each-moment aliveness. Life here hums with curiosity, bubbles with color, and jumps for joy at just about any new moment that comes waltzing on through. Its a co-creative adventure, and really, I know very little about how these paintings come to be. They slide on out, morphing, changing, humming, giggling. I look on amazed,,,delighted by the grace that has allowed me to take part in these colorful bits spontaneous joy.


Bonny Doon, CA

831 426 0686
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