Artist Statement

I grew up with a mother who loved finding treasures at estate sales and flea markets, and who was in the antique business. Through her, I developed a love of old, unique, and interesting things. I collected such things for many years, some for resale in group shops throughout Santa Cruz county — a fun hobby as my mom was doing—but other things that I held onto for years, with the intent that one day I’d create something from them. That day finally came, and I’ve been incorporating found objects into my artwork ever since.

My process usually begins with a few objects which inspire me; I’ll start combining them with other things from my collection. When something “fits,” I’ll take that as an indication of the direction the piece needs to go. My process is intuitive and often involves serendipity and chance.

My latest work represents the evolution of my process, as I have moved from creating somewhat narrative found object sculptures to my current pieces: wall panels that hang like paintings but retain a 3-D element. In these, I use found objects which I arrange in patterns, then paint with gesso and draw on with graphite in an attempt to activate an overall visual field.  However, I find I still go back to more narrative assemblages when I come across an object which inspires me in that direction. And lately I've gotten back into drawing, which I've always enjoyed, as is evident in my graphite panels.

I graduated from San Jose State University in 1982 with a BFA in painting. I started out in the graphic design program, but my last year there I switched my major to fine art, as that was where my passion and true interest lay. After graduating, I worked as a graphic artist for many years, in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Cupertino. I was also involved in the antique/vintage business, buying and selling old things at antique fairs and as a member of various group antique shops in the Santa Cruz area.