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As a retired public art teacher, I know that art speaks a powerful and dignified language. I’ve directly participated in making art that significantly contributed to helping my students achieve success, not just in school, but more importantly in life. By creating countless mosaics and murals with hundreds of students and their families, I know these projects foster creative expression, teamwork, neighborhood beautification, and community development through public, permanent, community based art. I want to continue providing this opportunity for small and large groups.

I am now settling into a new work mode which allows me to create art in my workshop and classroom, Hidden Hive. I still enjoy big projects and I still teach small classes, but I am enjoying working on projects which allow me to pursue my own interests. I have turned to the beauty I find in the natural world to inform my work. It continues to soothe my soul and helps me keep my balance as I navigate the outside world.

I adopt a whimsical mixed-media approach to my mosaics that are nature themed. I love the chaotic interaction of the varied materials I use. My repurposed crockery, ceramic tiles, vintage glass and beads, found objects, and my handmade clay tiles together create a challenging mix that needs to be tamed into expressing my subject matter. This journey toward unity is the most exciting part of creating my mosaics. It’s a little bit like the thrill of fitting that jigsaw puzzle piece in the right place and seeing the puzzle picture come into focus. It is so satisfying, bringing order to chaos! My wall mounted pieces are often sculptural in appearance due to the layering of surfaces and the addition of three dimensional bases. My work is intimate enough for indoor display, but bold enough for exterior presentation.

I gladly accept commissions and I am available for appointments to view specific mosaics, please email me or leave a voice mail on my phone. Hidden Hive classes will resume once the world rights itself. I truly miss my students and the public at large!

“One bee does not make a hive.”



233 Siesta Dr, Aptos, CA 95003, USA

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