Artist Statement

I would like to welcome you into my imagination, especially my digital photo collages and abstract paintings! My photo collages primarily give the viewer a new way to experience Santa Cruz, CA by being able to “escape” into the picture and be transported into a new dimension! And my mainly abstract paintings, many of them are geometric designs, would fit well in a modern décor. I also have metal prints available of some of my paintings that I’ve made even better using digital technology. My photographs are only offered in one size on my website, however at they can be ordered in many different ways and sizes.

In my photographic work, I work in Photoshop quite a bit, especially for my photo collages. It takes a lot of experimentation to first of all, take compelling photographs that I hope can be used in my photo collages, then find just the right photos, that when combined, work the best! I am inspired by living in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA and I strive to make art that will help the viewer to feel good. Especially now with everything going on in the world, to be able to help reduce stress by letting the viewer “escape” into the beauty of Santa Cruz, makes me want to continue on this journey. I hope you enjoy my work!


Santa Cruz, CA

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