Artist Statement

Animal and vegetable visions inspire me and they become my subject matter in one way or another. ‘Vegetable’ could be anything from a landscape down to a seed that falls on the ground. I look for pattern. I look for rhythm in the line of the plant or the landscape. In terms of ‘animal’ it could mean human figures. it could mean a bug or it could mean a bird.

Manet was the first artist who’s work I tried to copy at age twelve. His strong black and white design and imagery imprinted my thinking. Van Gogh’s thick paint and color was my next favorite painter; his exuberance and commitment to lay it on the canvas helped me be daring. My childhood was also filled with Japanese gardens and Japanese prints and their influence is I believe, evident in my current work.

Generally I work in layers. Paintings are by nature layered. Printmaking lends itself to layering because the base plate and print can be overlaid with alternate plate images to increase depth, pattern and atmosphere.

For this Open Studio portfolio I will focus mainly on my hand-pulled print images.


1570 Cox Rd, Aptos, CA, USA

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