Artist Statement

I spent a good part of my early career as a geologist observing rocks, soil deposits and landforms. As a result, I appreciate the processes like erosion, deposition and earthquakes that create our physical world and.I see our landscape as fluid. At the same time, I am intrigued by the smaller scale evidence of change and transformation that we encounter in our daily life. The cracks in pavement, rust on a fence, and the shine of an oil slick in the gutter are small windows of landscapes to me.

I have been exploring my ideas and feelings about landscape using both intaglio and relief printmaking processes. I have combined chine colle, embossment prints and viscosity rolls on copper to create my most recent work. As I explored these ideas, color palettes and combinations not usually seen in nature have emerged.

I am continuing to create work inspired by the little recognized, and unseen processes in our world.

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