Artist Statement

As social animals we are constantly evaluating situations based on mood, gesture, and the environment. As a nurse in critical care for over 35 years, before walking into a room, it was necessary to evaluate the situation and people involved based on these things. Those experiences have given me an intuitive sense when drawing the figure and also a sense of the diversity of the world and the ongoing complexity of the numerous relationships within each day.

When I make art I want that personal approach of the viewer, not spelling out the situation or location or the relationships but on that unspoken word, whether an isolated figure or more than one.

As I paint, the figure starts to appear and I attempt to let that unwritten dialogue or musing become visible but elusive.  It is hard to know when to intrude and cover up and when to allow the abstracted previously painted underpainting to be maintained. Sometimes I go back and add line or wipe away, trying to dwell in the place of not knowing.   It is always a push/pull, Ying/Yang approach, feeling my way as best I can.  I start tentatively, not knowing what direction to take, then painting takes on a life of its own, moving forward, stepping back, painting, drawing, wiping away, adding and subtracting, moving with the music of the creative moment until a chord is struck and resonates.

I try to give the viewer a glimpse of the process, the visceral hand on the surface. I invite you to explore the work, its complete incompleteness and find your own dialogue or musing.


804 Estates Drive, Aptos, CA, USA

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