Artist Statement

Thank you for checking out my artwork. I'm inspired so much by our local flora and fauna, our forests and beaches; and the body in motion. It's such a pleasure to explore what resonates, and brings me joy to have a way to sink those inspirations into something tangible; and hopefully my work will also connect with you and your world.

I love working with encaustic, it’s a fantastic medium which engages my spirit and imagination. I love the depth of luminosity that’s inherent in the natural materials that make up encaustic medium. Because it's painted on while in its molten state, is an exciting and mesmerizing dance, a play, an improvisation with fire, heat and materials.

I’ve been exploring cyanotype prints and processes and embellishing with either encaustic or cold wax, to create different depths and textures on the surface of the print. I love those deep blues, and how a variety of inks or other liquids can alter the cyan into greens, or purples, and yellowy oranges. Finding things in the garden or on walks at the ocean and forest feeds my soul, and sparks my imagination. Learning more methods that can go along with the cyan and encaustic work has been a great adventure.

Being in a creative process is a huge part of my life, as much as moving, and being active is to my sense of well being, and joy. And whatever resonates, always informs the work.

I was incredibly honored to be part of Open Studios 2021. Thank you to all who visited me, watched my demos, purchased, and entered into conversation. I enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you.

I'm exhibiting many of my Encaustic/Cyanotype works at the Santa Cruz County Building, 5th floor, from July 29 - September 29th, 2022.

And, happily, I'm in Open Studios 2022!! So look for me in the tour guide, artist #260! Hope to see you at my home studio!

Please feel free to email or call for more details about my work, or with feedback and questions. Stay in touch!

All the best,


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