Artist Statement

Welcome! I invite you to schedule a front yard safely-distanced appointment, or to visit my online etsy shop.

I am honored to share my respect for the natural world through art. For the past twelve years I have been dedicated to portraying some of the ephemeral treasures of California, especially our birds and plants. With each sketch, I learn something new about my subject; time slows down, and I become lost in wonder.

Etching is a perfect medium for me. It allows me to create delicate lines, use the aquatint process to make fine tonal areas that almost look like watercolor, and make striking marks and textures. It is a long, challenging and vexing process, involving copper, acid, scribing and burnishing tools, a press, powdered rosin, heat, ink, and paper. Not all etchings cross the finish line. I figure that if it were easy, it wouldn't be worth doing.

Since the pandemic closed down the UCSC print studio which I rely on for some of my processes, I have been doing lots of field sketching, birding, and am currently working on a series of peregrine falcon portraits in watercolor.  You can see my newest work on instagram. I hope you are in good health and spirits!


129 Miles Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

land: 831 426-2495 cell: 831 234-0096
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