Artist Statement

As a printmaker trained in scientific illustration I find inspiration by closely observing the natural world. Botanical shapes and organic imagery dominate my work which are created using a variety of processes including monotype, drypoint, stencils, ghost and off-set printing.  When working on a new monoprint series I create a library of hand-cut stencil shapes of varying sizes so I have a vocabulary of images to combine with a variety of ink tones.

Each monoprint in my most recent series, Indigo, Abundance, Perennial and Verdure, is run multiple times through an etching press, with each pass I layer pigment-rich forms alongside near-transparent fields of color to create unique patterns. To further enrich the surface residual ink on the plate gives ghost shadows, stencil board acts as a masking device, and off-set printing gives mirrored images. My goal is to create an image which reminds the viewer of nature's beauty but in its abstraction lends a fresh perspective.

A selection of my prints are available for sale through my e-commerce shop on my website and to see what is happening in my studio you can follow me or find me on Facebook by searching for Stacy's Studio. I frequently update my Instagram feed with works in progress.

Are you interested in learning printmaking yourself?  Check out details about workshop opportunities on my site.

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