Artist Statement

Scott feels fortunate to have found an outlet for his artistic expression in the plein air tradition.  As a native Californian Scott has lived most of his life in and around the ocean and mountains of this beautiful state. He has developed a strong connection to the water and land while surfing along the Pacific coast and fishing, backpacking and canoeing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.. Scott’s goal is to share this connection with those who view his art.

In his plein air paintings Scott hopes to capture the mood or essence of a place and allow the viewer to experience the beauty of our natural world. He strives to create light and shadow in a realistic way when observed from a distance that breaks apart into color and abstraction when seen up close.  He uses a limited palette of colors in oils, which helps harmonize the painting as well as adding the challenge of mixing all other colors from these few.  Scott’s painting gear fits into a backpack, which allows him the freedom to get off the beaten path while scouting for locations to capture on canvas.

Scott's paintings have been juried into exhibitions and shows throughout the country.  He is honored to have his work in private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad including decorating the Lodge at Pebble Beach and their newly built Fairway One project.

Scott also enjoys sharing his painting experience and techniques and teaches several plein air painting workshops throughout the year.

Scott was inspired to begin painting by New Zealand painter John Crump and has studied with John extensively.

Scott lives near Santa Cruz, California with his wife and two children.


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