Artist Statement

Santa Cruz 2021 Open Studios

Oct 9, 10 16 and 17. 11 am to 5 pm.

I work in painting, drawing and printmaking, both in Western and Japanese traditions.   All my work stems from the joy of seeing things, reacting to their beauty, and communicating both the image and my reaction to other people.  I particularly enjoy the tension between drawing what I see and drawing what I feel.

I paint in oil, pastel and acrylic, both in the studio and en plein air.

I also work in  sumi (Japanese ink,)  ink monoprint, encaustic monoprint, and Japanese style woodblock print.  I mount certain images in Japanese style silk scrolls using a contemporary silicone mounting technique.  Other images I mount on silk-covered panels, canvas, or board for display without glass, often supplying multiple images that the owner can change or re-organize.


2575 Mission Street Extension, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

925 788-4149
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