Artist Statement

Playing with materials and color has always been a favorite interest and activity of mine since I was a child, growing up in northwest Indiana. Attending UCSC brought me to Santa Cruz, graduating with a BFA in drawing and painting. My interest in interior design and the beautification of spaces led me to become a house painter and start my own business, Painting By Bianco, which specializes in decorative paint finishes, and murals. I moved in the Tannery Arts Center right when it was built, and this allowed me to pivot my focus more on my art. I make and show work out of my studio at the Tannery, called Apricity Gallery.

Art making has been a practice for finding my voice and exploring myself. Starting purely abstract, with no particular outcome in mind and rooted in the method of abstract expressionism, I have used it as a meditation tool and witnessed the “not knowing” what would happen. It’s challenging, in that there must be trust, patience and acceptance of the process. I, then, started to introduce expressive figures in motion, and called it my “Jump” series. Suspended within dreamy, abstract landscapes a dialogue was created. I also was inspired to start using my drop cloths from my house painting business as backgrounds for paintings. The drippy, messy, tattered tarps already had a life of their own, in which illustrations were placed upon. Already abstract in nature, this has become the next evolution of my work. I have gone in and out of different styles, and don’t like to pigeonhole myself into a particular brand or image, although there is a common thread that seems to run throughout the different bodies of work.

I have enjoyed connecting with people and the community through showing my work and hosting events with collaborations between art, music, and performance. My most recent interest is working on public art murals, and have had the privilege of painting public walls in downtown Santa Cruz, Aptos, and at the Tannery. I love murals in that they reach a large, inclusive audience. It is also a way to beautify the city, while having an opportunity to share my vision as an artist and make a statement.



1070 River St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA