Artist Statement

I began doing photography at age nineteen and it has continued to inform and enrich my life in ways I never could have imagined. In the course of those 50 years, I also spent 10 years pursuing ceramics and first participated in Santa Cruz Open Studios in the 80’s as a ceramic artist. In the late 90’s I began a mixed media journey, combining my photographs with a newfound love of painting. Since then I have produced many unique series, starting with Chinese Women: Bound and Determined and including Subway Reflexions, Aerials, Blurred Landscapes, Architecture Restructured, and more. In 2012, I started an interactive sculptural installation: Stonewalled in Jerusalem and after three years, I began the series American Women: Birds of im/Migration. I have continued to work on digital photographic collages/prints over the last 10 years and would like to share some of them here. The latest series (at top), is called Offerings: Human/Nature and honors the imminent threats to our environment. Following that are examples of Altered Realities and Rushing to See Art.

During this time of the pandemic and social isolation, I have returned once again to clay for grounding and creative exploration. During the fires, while packing up valuables, I realized that I’d much rather have people live with and enjoy my artwork than keep it here in storage. Several pieces from each of these series, old and new, are still available, as are prints (in various sizes) of all my work. Please check out my website and feel free to contact me. I’ve missed the connection to local artists and art lovers, which Open Studios offers us all.


312 Fairmount Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA

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