Artist Statement

I am excited to welcome you to my studio this year! If you miss the Open Studios tour, I am always happy to schedule a private visit.

The inspiration for my work is the spectacular environment where I live. I paint the coastline, hills and mountains, both here in Santa Cruz, and also on the mainland of Greece (where I've just spent the last four months). I work with soft pastels, both in the studio (which may be outdoors), and en plein air striving to create peaceful scenes that the viewer can feel being a part of.

Since covid-19, I've also had time to explore other media, so there are a few gouache pieces, too!

I sell my original pastels, as well as gicleƩ prints, greeting cards and printed tile magnets and trivets. I also teach small workshops. Please contact me if you have any questions about my art, or if you would like me to organize a studio visit or workshop!


103 Redwood St, Santa Cruz, California, USA

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