Artist Statement

My starting point is a journey of discovery, enjoying not knowing what's to come.  Finding interesting pieces of wood to shape and assemble into an unknown image begins the conversation between heart and hands.  There is a call and response process while I work, a spirit of whimsy and reverence that evolves into an abstract form.  The work is reflective of the world around me, giving poetic voice to a cache of human experience.  Trained as a painter I fell in love with the work-ability, stability and warmth of wood.  With trusty tools I sand, saw, drill, glue, take apart, start again, sometimes add color or other finds, and finish with a wax-oil combination.  The titles come as the images take form, reminding me of things familiar.  Please visit my website for more images by pressing the link above.  Thank you.


Watsonville, CA 95076, USA