Artist Statement

I have spent the majority of my life immersed in various ocean related activities. When age and injuries slowed me down, my passion for photography was rekindled. In addition to the ocean, I've been drawn to the vast, stark beauty of the deserts and the majesty of the mountains. The coastal, desert and mountain images, selected for this virtual show, were all photographed in our beautiful state. These compositions are inspired by the lines, layers and flow of my many years in the water.

Fine art landscape photographs are more than just snapshots of beautiful locations. I usually plan on numerous trips to scout a specific area. I need to experience the varying lighting conditions and moods so I can distill the essence of these special places down to a two-dimensional photograph. Capturing the right moment requires planning, persistence, skill and timing. The beauty and grandeur that I’ve been fortunate enough to witness, inspires me to bring these images back to share with others. I hope that you have as much enjoyment viewing these photographs as I’ve had taking them.


202 Frederick St, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA

408 483-4483
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