Artist Statement

I get extreme enjoyment in transforming raw wood into an object that is beautiful and useful. My approach is rather intuitive, and often the end result is different than what I had originally envisioned. I generally use whatever wood comes my way...but, my preference is to use local sustainable wood. Recently, I have added inlays, such as turquoise and metal, to enhance the overall beauty of a piece. As I encounter natural anomalies in the wood, which some may consider imperfections, my response is to acknowledge them as part of the inherent quality of the wood and include them as a complement to the finished piece. This gallery has only a sampling of my work...Currently, I have at least 50 finished pieces ready for interested folks! So if interested, give me a call, send a text or an email. I look forward to hearing from you.


8195 Hihn Road, Ben Lomond, CA, USA