Artist Statement

I was a dancer with a small modern company in New York City who supported herself by modeling for art classes. Over time, I became enthralled with figure drawing and wanted to express myself in that medium as well. Since I modeled for many wonderful teachers all over New York City, I could learn and earn simultaneously. It was an exciting time for me. Both of my sisters were artists, but because my parents thought I was physically adept, I was encouraged to dance, which I love. But then a new passion beckoned.

Today my process begins without an agenda. I apply layers of paint, incorporating color and texture, while observing the relationships that eventually emerge. I feel a sense of order appear out of nothingness. As the piece begins to speak to me, I am able to start shaping and enhancing the image revealed. There is always a feeling of surprise as the final form is brought to the surface.

I find I am dancing with the unknown.