Artist Statement

I am a knifemaker with over 30 years of experience. I use what is called the stock removal technique rather than forging to shape my blades. I use the finest materials but also many recycled things like old saw blades, files or springs. Many of the knives I've built over the years have been custom, made to the customer's detailed specifications. I specialize in kitchen knives but have also made a wide variety of knives to be used in the field. While most of the handle material used is from natural sources like wood, bone or antler, a variety of synthetic materials are available if requested. Custom sheaths are available if requested. Sharpening and repair services are also available.

It is very difficult to get the feel of a knife from photographs so make an appointment and come by to handle them. We can practice safe procedures for the covid issue. If you are interested in a custom knife (imagine a Christmas gift for that special someone!), please understand that it takes a while to built one so please allow plenty of lead time.



6447 Hidden Oaks Lane, Aptos, CA, USA