Artist Statement

There’s many different ways people find to connect with nature.  Some enjoy getting out to go bird watching, some love mountain biking, hiking, or surfing.  Some people find inspiration in nature to write, paint, or simply get lost in their thoughts.  Backpackers, hunters, equestrians, kayakers, rock climbers, et al, all have a great excuse for spending time in nature and connecting with the environment on a deeper level.
I enjoy many of these activities, but my main motivation for getting out happens to be photography.  I’ve spent far more time and had far richer experiences in nature because of my passion for photography.  I’m forced to be patient, waiting for the light to get better, wind to calm down, perching bird to do something interesting…and in that time spent waiting I end up seeing and experiencing more than I ever would had I not had a camera in my hand.  Photography forces me to stop and look at the details and recognize the patterns and rhythms in nature that most people don’t take the time to see.


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