Artist Statement

I have lived and painted in Santa Cruz, California for the past 43 years. I attended the University of California Santa Cruz, receiving a BFA in 1978. It was at UCSC that I studied Printmaking, and began painting from nature. I studied under Don Weygandt for studio painting, and began painting outdoors under the tutelage of Peter Loftus. Peter was a major painting influence for me, and taught the technique of "plein air" painting. Since that time I have continued working in both mediums. My painting medium of choice is chalk pastel on paper. For the outdoor paintings, I use pastel boards or toned sandpaper. The basic composition is quickly executed. Then, layers of color are built up with the pastels. After the tonal composition is blocked in, the underlying areas are worked into, bringing out highlights and fine details. All of the outdoor works are executed this way, later in the studio the finishing touches are added to the painting. The larger pastel paintings are done solely in the studio using the same technique. These studio works are larger and based on sketches and photographs. These pieces can take several months to complete due to the myriad detail of color. In all of my paintings I strive to capture the quality of light, color and atmosphere. My major influences in outdoor painting are Monet and Turner.


120 Scenic Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

831 247 4799
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