Artist Statement

Ome Garcia is a Two-Spirit Xicane Artist residing in California’s Central Coast.  They use acrylic paint on canvas to create surreal worlds of prayers that seek to restore our relationship with ourselves, nature, and freedom.  Their work explores balance and space, the detail of natural textures, and creates a dance between dualities of light and dark, hard and soft, and chaos and order.  Each painting holds a story, connected to deep intentions, and a magic, that brings them to life.

Their work has been exhibited at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery, The National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, Jingletown Art Walk in Oakland, The Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, and several community-based businesses and events throughout Northern California.

The greatest inspiration in their work comes directly from spirit and begins with a feeling or reaction to the world around them, that their mind transforms into a metaphor, vision, and prayer to be expressed back, like a call and response.  They also credit the bold color and power of James Tsoodle’s visions, as well as the dreamlike quality of surrealist Kit Mizeres’ paintings as significant influences in their work.

Current projects include a painting which reflects on our relationship with transformation by fire, as well as a series of smaller paintings depicting the actual and symbolic forms of power held within our hands.

Their consistent acknowledgement and appreciation for the duality of life in all its forms, invites a rare, yet refreshing authenticity and balance into the art form.  As they explain, “Creating is how I honor myself, fully, and I hope it inspires others, especially younger generations, to do the same.”


Watsonville, CA, USA

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