Artist Statement

These are perilous times and I can not look away or despair. I must paint what I can’t stop thinking about and what keeps me up at night. Everyday I’m bombarded with an overload of human misery and unspeakable horror. I can only make sense of it all if I tear off a tiny piece and create works of art that speak to our common humanity and dignity. My paintings are driven both by my past and a desire to make sense of the chaos surrounding our world.

As grounded as my work is in political and social narratives, it is equally critical that my paintings are aesthetically compelling. My paintings must hold all the often disparate vignette together-each part connect to the whole. I strive to contain the often chaotic action, creating areas of calm and reflection on the picture plane. I purposely imbue the work with an ironically cheerful color palette, challenging the viewer to move beyond the carnival-like colors to discover the underlying conceptual underpinnings of the work.



1031 El Dorado Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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