Artist Statement

My work is primarily functional ceramics used for beverages and food and is inspired by Japanese and Asian influences.  They include tea bowls, saki cups, plates and bowls of various sizes.  The surfaces are both rustic and sophisticated with variations in surface quality and texture.

The pieces are finished in either a multi-day wood firing in a Japanese style kiln, or in a gas kiln with the use of multiple shino glazes to provide variation in the surface.  The clay in the work has a texture and substance that is central to the finished piece.

I also use up-cycled materials and constructed plate racks and serving boards using recycled redwood and various hardwoods to display the ceramics.  The combination creates an integrated sculptural element.

Below are prices and approximate sizes for the work.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the items contact me to see the work in person.


Three wood-fired tea bowls and recycled shelf    23"x7"x5"                 $240

Three wood-fired saki cups and recycled shelf    10"x5"x3"                 $140

Recycled redwood four square plate rack              27"x28"x3"              $170

Various wood serving boards with metal feet       23"x7"x5".                $80

Gas fired shino glazed plates                                     10"x9.5"x2"             $50

Gas fired shino glazed plates                                     9"x8"x2"                  $40

Gas fired shino glazed bowls.                                       6-7"x4"                  $40







56 Pebble Beach Dr, Aptos, CA 95003, USA