Artist Statement

Walking up to a blank canvas with an empty mind and an open heart has become a powerful, often revelatory, way for me to express my feelings, to heal and transform heartache, help alleviate physical pain, and to joyously celebrate the beauty and wonderment of life. When I dive into my Intuitive Painting Process, images, figures, symbols, and aspects of my psyche make their way into my art. When I am in my studio my mind is quiet, I’m out of the thinker and into deep listening from within.  I go there to replenish, rejuvenate and restore my sense of Self, to get reconnected with the core of my intuition. By getting still and being quiet, I can invite myself into the creative process by asking such questions as, what color do I want to explore, what shapes have been floating in my consciousness I’d like to play with, how much body movement can I get involved in the process. Of all my mindfulness practices learned over the years, painting in this way is where I do my most profound emotional turnarounds. Having a keen sense of spatial awareness, I can feel when a room or a composition creates a sense of calm in my body. I let this felt sense be my guide as I make decisions along the way during my creative exploration with each piece. I have always been passionate about the colors and textures found in the natural world around me; those observations heavily influence and inform my mark-making and color explorations. I am filled with a heartfelt sense of contentment when a piece comes to completion. My creative process is my North Star.


980 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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