Artist Statement

Lavenders, golds, cobalts, and crimsons, I mix and arrange oil paint color to communicate my emotional response to a place, recording the intrinsic beauty in the present time. I paint in the tradition of the early California Impressionists: making studies on location and maintaining distinct edges between basic shapes. The landscapes of the PacificĀ  Coast are a frequent subject, as are the Sierra Mountains and the rich farmlands of California.

Mixing and combining colors to create a dynamic and harmonious picture has captivated me for many years. Making studies on location often leads to the creation of large paintings in my studio. I use linen canvases for larger paintings because they increase the luminosity of the paint.

I work to capture the beauty of our open spaces and hold them up for appreciation. My paintings seek to add a healing, calming element to any environment, in a world that is often unpredictable and always changing.


4930 Cherryvale Avenue, Soquel, CA, USA

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