Artist Statement

Light, shadow, line, shape, rhythm - these are the fundamentals of my work. Whether designing furniture in my “day job”, or composing an image in my photography, these qualities are a common visual language in everything I make.


My original furniture designs strive for just the right equilibrium between form, function, art, and craft, drawing on the essences of basic Asian and contemporary aesthetics, with a fluency in the vocabulary of modernism. I try to create pieces that are at once relevant to the client and their lifestyle, include something of my own personal aesthetic, are functional, and display a high level of craftsmanship.


Photography gives me a more spontaneous creative outlet.  Images can be captured anywhere, either carefully planned, or in the spur of the moment.  Digital editing tools allow for the revisiting and re-contemplation of images after the fact, permitting even further creativity in their interpretation and presentation. My photographs range from the documentary to the interpretive to the abstract.



1170 El Solyo Heights Drive, Felton, CA, USA