Artist Statement


I am fortunate to have lived my entire life on the California coast.  I grew up in San Diego before it was overpopulated.  There were vast open spaces of mountains and empty beaches, and I spent most of my childhood outside enjoying nature.  Nature was then, and is now, my spiritual center.  When I moved to Santa Cruz  in 1971, because of the natural beauty of Central California, Santa Cruz was small, with open spaces everywhere.  The natural beauty of the Monterey Bay area inspired me to start  painting; I wanted to show how I felt about nature here.  To assist me in this journey I took numerous art studio and art history courses at Cabrillo College and Monterey Peninsula College as well as attended many painting workshops for over twenty years. Today, forty-plus years later, I paint every weekday, usually outside in the morning and then in the studio in the afternoon.  As always,  an interesting composition, a loose painterly style, a depiction of the colors of the atmosphere, and a sense of the eternal are central to my art.

My love of untamed nature, and my drive to create, direct me to paint memories of California.  The light reflected from the coastal atmosphere provides endless inspiration for an artist.  Living on the edge of a continent constantly reminds me of the importance of nature and open spaces.  It is with great joy that I can daily gaze out on the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and know that for thousands of miles there still exists a wild and timeless world; the wind and the waves of the ocean roll on as they have for millions of years.  And even with the crowded world in which we live, Central California is still blessed with huge open spaces that provide an escape from the stresses of modern life.

When we allow ourselves to suspend disbelief and really experience a work of art, the past and future connect; we enter a timeless moment beyond the present, and we forget about the daily routine and connect with the deeper mysteries of life.  This transcendental power of art is priceless.  A great painting is not a recording of facts, of a specific place and time;  rather it is an artist's interpretation, a creation that moves a viewer into an artist’s inner world, alters the mood of the viewer, and offers a glimpse of  a universal truth that lies beyond the literal.

In my paintings I'm primarily interested in  light and atmosphere rather than in specific details.  I focus on shapes and  the  juxtaposition of  positive and negative spaces.  I usually begin a painting with an abstract construction of  masses, shapes and ideas that inspire me, and, as the image begins to emerge, my intuition and intellect direct development of the painting.  The rendering of an exact location or object is not important to me; it is my interpretation of this that matters.  My working process has lately evolved toward using thicker paint, so that when viewing the painting  up close one sees an abstraction of paint, but upon backing away the shapes gain focus.  The application of paint becomes  a vital subject of the painting.

As you view my work, I hope that you will slow down in front of a painting,  enjoy a moment of calm stillness, then enter into that world and explore it.  Hopefully,  this adventure will lead you to reflect on the rich mystery of life, and refresh your own rich memories.


779 Estates Dr, Aptos, CA 95003, USA