Artist Statement

A new, untouched canvas invites exploration, creativity and the addition of color!   While nature is the original creator and to capture it on canvas is a tall order, I enjoy the prospect of producing a new landscape image, taking a leap into the unknown.  My colorful paintings are informed by the natural world combined with a love of basic art elements – space, composition, color and form.  At an early age, a family road trip throughout the western states & Canada, opened my awareness to the natural world’s beauty and diversity.   As an art student at Scripps College where I earned a BFA, I received a solid foundation in creative choices.  My emphasis was design and experimentation which continues to influence my art to this day.  Current landscapes are painted in vibrant acrylics, a medium with versatile and forgiving qualities suited to the free expression of “leaping” with courage onto that blank canvas!

Continuing travels, as well as living many years in Aptos on the Monterey Bay, have inspired my love for landscape subjects.   My first art job was designing greeting cards for a California silk screen company, employing design methods that now carry over into painting.  My designs were in the manner of Matisse’s cutouts; and the simplicity of flat shapes in paper has now evolved into painted shapes in my landscapes.  Created in the studio, my paintings are developed with the resources of visceral experiences in nature, combined with expressive design techniques.   In recent years, after I became caregiver for my late disabled husband, travels in our motor home was a liberating experience, re-establishing a view of nature’s expansive beauty.  Determined to get out in the world, I drove our large RV to every U. S. state, Canada & Mexico!   Therapeutic for both my husband and myself, our many outings produced volumes of photos and sketch books chalked full of inspiration!   Travels to other countries has also broadened my aesthetic perspective.

One kind client stated my work is “from the heart,” and I believe that to be true.  For me, painting is a joy in itself, with the goal to express appreciation for the beautiful world around us.  I’m pleased when others appreciate the results!

I invite you to visit my Artist Page on FACEBOOK - MERLYN MORENO ARTIST.  The art page is organized in ALBUMS.  Click on “photos” to see the albums of special interests and painting subjects.  I welcome comments and am open to commissions!               Email: