Artist Statement

I use clay's natural properties to my advantage in many pieces. Carvings or textures can be stretched and expanded while a piece is still on the pottery wheel by doing the final forming from the inside only. In such pieces I hope to capture some of the movement and plasticity of the clay when wet; the twisting and distortion that can not be just carved or molded.

Other works that are only carved or shaped are done so in ways that add interest to or showcase a particular glaze or clay. I often leave some areas unglazed and showing the rough and earthy nature of some clays

Much of my work involves functional planters and vases. I enjoy seeing plants flourish in something I have made and that has some feel of rock and earth. It is important to me that most pieces be used and serve a function while also being art.


113 Almena Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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