Artist Statement

I work in dry pastel--pure pigment-- on archival paper. Recently I've been working on a series of what I intended to be sketches; they've turned out a bit more elaborate than that. I'm hoping to make larger paintings from some of these initial pieces.

For twenty five years now I've gone to La Montagne Noire, a little-touristed mountain range in the south of France, to live and paint the landscapes I love.

I'm intrigued with the ancient meeting of human endeavor with the natural world. I also love the way the villages huddle together beside a river or atop cliffs.

Last year I traveled a bit and painted poppy fields south of my mountain home and sunflower fields and forests in the Gers, a day's drive northwest.

I've been drawn more and more to the play of light on the landscape.

There are six more pieces of this recent series in progress. It's tentatively called, Head for the Light and Don't Look Back--Hades' advice to Orpheus.

It's a lesson in trust and hope.


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