Artist Statement

Why do I paint? Because as an artist, therapist, mother, and world traveler, I like out of my life experiences, to express the diversity of human emotions and characters, as well as atmospheres emanating from objects and places. I paint and draw mostly with Acrylic and Watercolor using vibrant colors to search and render atmospheres or deep emotions hidden in human psyche ... a never-ending quest. I sometimes use other art expressions like print, sculpture, and monoprint.

Born in France, I studied art in Paris, as well as in Switzerland. I also lived in England, Spain, and Switzerland before moving to Santa Cruz, CA, 38 years ago. Life took me away from my brushes and canvas for a few years, but I have been painting with great passion again and been involved in artist communities locally and beyond. My inspiration and dedication continue to grow every day … you are invited to check my website and to follow me on Instagram ...


Scotts Valley, CA, USA

831 438 4702
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