Artist Statement

Le Feu Sacre
“Le Feu Sacre is the fire within that people experience once they become involved in the arts. Each one of us is an artist, but to be able to express oneself in a chosen medium is a gift. Sculpting for many becomes a meditation. For me it has been a lifelong process always renewed by a never ending enthusiasm.”                                                                 Marianne de Hatten Groh

Marianne started sculpting at age of 8.  Several years after World War Two she went to “ Les  Beaux Arts" in Strasbourg, Alsace / France. Came to the US in 1959. She opened her Gallery / studio in Old Town Los Gatos in 1967 while taking Art oriented classes at San Jose State University.
Maxwell Art Galleries in San Francisco
Linda McCadou Galleries in Santa Fe New Mexico
Rancho  Gallery near San Diego
Telaquepaque Gallery near Tucson Az
Zantman Art Galleries in Carmel Ca
Marianne de Hatten Groh/ Studio in  Old Town Los Gatos Ca
Santa Cruz Ca   Studio  and Open Studio exhibits  during the last 8 years
All my sculptures are “One of a kind” in clay , fired then glazed and refired. Sometimes several times.
The bronzes are made in my studio then Bronze Works in SC or a foundry in Berkeley will cast them by “the lost wax method.”


Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

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