Artist Statement

What does it mean when a photographer’s pictures are more permanent than their natural subjects? Much of what I saw underwater as a new scuba diver, more than 40 years ago, no longer looks as it did. But the Wonders of the Sea that pulled me underwater like the sirens’ song are still there. My inspiration to create art from nature is refreshed every time I plunge beneath cool salt water. In recent years I’ve been acutely aware of preserving natural history as well as documenting natural beauty.

I’ve sought out memorable images to photograph including Crocodiles in Cuba, Turtles in the Galápagos, Rainbowed Waterfalls in Iceland, Kelp Forests in California, an Eclipse in Oregon and Elephants in Africa. Wildlife is often central in my pictures, from puffins to sharks, seals to sea anemones, jellies, sea stars and many more. Going deep under the sea or to distant countries has been the driving passion of my photography.

As global warming increases the temperature and acidity of the seas, the changes I’ve been seeing in my local ocean seem to be accelerating. Our kelp forests—home to nearly as many different species as tropical rainforests—have been disappearing. My photos are momentary records of those species, and other vistas of nature. I cannot be a passive bystander, or even a silent witness. For over 20 years I’ve been using my photos and my voice to advocate for greater conservation of marine life near my Central California home.


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