Artist Statement

Recent artwork as well as some art from past years appears here. Sculpture and mixed media art are what I choose to work in most.

Artist’s Statement:

A successful work of art must be satisfying visually, emotionally, and intellectually.
Different themes spiral in and out of my artwork and are later revisited. Some of my work is personal, even autobiographical, and at other times I prefer to create abstract compositions. A unifying theme is the survival of the human spirit. I believe a sense of humor is an important survival tool.
I have enjoyed making art from found objects and recycled materials. The objects contain a history which can suggest meaning or stand as symbols. My education and training includes a variety of materials and processes in both 2d and 3d art, and these are often mixed together in the work. Some artists travel to exotic places for inspiration. My artwork comes from observing things in the everyday world. Perhaps it may lead the viewer to a different awareness.


1050 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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