Artist Statement


Transparent watercolors are infinitely complex. They are unforgiving and beautiful at the same time. It is like painting with light. I love brilliant color, and I am fascinated by the challenges of capturing changing light. I enjoy the surprising effects released by the application of metallic paint and silver and gold pens.

Many of my paintings are based on natural forms, but I am not interested in simply copying those forms. By adding my own designs and colors, I am able to increase depth, alter context, and discover new meanings. I have also been working with mandalas for years. These forms have their own ancient contemplative allure for both the painter and the viewer.


I have a BS in fine arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. My early interests were ceramics and photography, but then, 20 years ago, I discovered how much I liked watercolors. I first applied that medium to plein air landscapes and then to mandalas. I am currently creating watercolors of natural shapes that I interpret by altering the shapes, colors, and contexts.

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