Artist Statement


I am inspired  to make art about the world around me. I am interested in nature, humanity, culture, history as well as current  events.  I create narrative artwork, that reaches out to others to tell a story.  I use a variety of mediums to express  the changing world around me.

I use clay  in making animals who are our sacred guardians.  When I visited Japan,  I noticed these stone statures of foxes wearing red bibs at the entrance to shrines. I discovered  that they were standing guard against toxic energy entering sacred places.  My animals are also protective and wish to protect us.

In another series , my assemblages show contemporary views about UNITYDEMOCRACY and LOVE. Words matter.  In one artwork these words intertwine: human rights, hope, love, diversity, fact, peace, dignity, act, earth.

Mixed media is helpful in telling  the story of the Japanese, Chinese and Pilipino farmworkers who worked in the fields of Watsonville in the early 19th century and 20th century.

I used old letters, post cards, copies of photos to tell the story of my Japanese American heritage and history.

I  find joy in using these recycled and found objects . Old papers, or current new articles,  all types of photographs, charms, letters from old games, letterpress and things given to me from family or friends all find their way into my narratives.

I enjoy showing my artwork  in a variety of galleries and  group exhibits. Thank you for visiting my page.






Soquel, California