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Artist's Statement

My art is all about color, drama and the story. To start, I'm always trying to push color, and I feel my medium, oil paint, is my best friend in achieving this goal. I love bright color! This can be problematic in landscape painting because of all the atmosphere and values needed to portray distance. However, it's a challenge  I've accepted. Still life paintings, especially my florals, will showcase one flower or group of flowers. Now here is an opportunity where I can really push the color and light to create the ultimate drama. When selecting subjects for portraits or figurative painting, it's all about the story. For example, I find it more interesting to paint the figure from behind. This gives the viewer an opportunity to image what that person in the painting might be experiencing.

In approaching my painting I often say it is similar to switching on a light with a 3-way bulb. The first stage of my painting is the first level of light. It's all about design, placement, and big shapes. Then I click the switch again for the second level. Here I define shapes and introduce color. When I click the switch again, I am refining the shapes, adjusting the color relationships and making certain that nothing takes away from my focal point. (The area where I want to viewer to focus.)

Often when I'm outside painting, someone will come up and make a comment about how relaxing painting must be. I have to respectfully differ. The painting process involves decision making and problem solving. Often one small change, necessitates multiple adjustments throughout the painting. The artist has to understand design, color, value, and hard and soft edges. Art is hard, lonely work and often based on many years of study and experience. I have immense respect for the masters of the past, and for contemporary artists who are paving the way for future generations of artists.



Santa Cruz, CA

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