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What you see here are my latest bodies of work, most recent first: Kindergarten Collages on my actual childhood paintings with reversed figure magazine cutouts; second: my hand-knitted porcelain ceramics and third: mixed media ceramics with knitted wool objects.

The First Series I've been promising you for most of the past year, but moving into my new studio was more complicated and time consuming than expected. I am proud to share with you my Kindergarten Collage Series. So new, the work's not even offered on my website yet. It is basically a fillet of an actual newsprint and tempera youthful painting of mine, collaged with a reversed figurative magazine cutout.  They are 12" x 12" on a wooden panel cradle and ready to hang. Right now they are priced at $250 each. Contact me at to purchase. Describe the one you like and we'll take it from there. I am easy to work with!

 The Second Series explores the alchemy of turning knitting into ceramics. For lack of a precedent, I call it Knitted Porcelain. If it fools your eye a bit, even better.

If you're curious how this comes about, I begin by handknitting in cotton twine. When finished, the pieces are shaped and soaked in liquid porcelain which permeates into each tiny ply of the string.

I continue to shape as they dry, letting the knitted form act as an armature and accentuating its gesture.

When the soaked knitwork meets the high temperatures of the kiln, the cotton fibers incinerate, leaving only the strong translucent white porcelain, which retains the memory of every stitch and stance.

You are cordially invited to take a look at a selection of finished works in the photo gallery to the right. Check out the effect of adding a glowing tealight, which shows off both the stitchery patterns and the ethereal qualities of white porcelain.

The Third Series I call Clay + Fiber. Here are various ceramics pieces paired with knitted wool things: flowers, fruits, shells, foods - there's even a knitted bonsai tree.  Click to the newest page in my website shop to get full descriptions and more photos. Each one is completely unique.

If you long to touch what you see, my job is complete. For more information regarding size, pricing and availability, please click on a link to my website, where you will find a secure shop and free shipping to the US. (And if you live in SC County we can arrange for safe delivery or pick-up.)



I have signed up for a second year of VAN Membership and hope to be offering you all special related discounts and opportunities here as I think of them. First one:  ON THE VAN-WAGON: Mention the Visual Arts Network -  VAN for short - when purchasing from me and I will adjust your purchase price to be 20% less!

Just for the record, this week my VAN page hit over 50 views in one day this week from over ten countries (yes, mostly US.) Love is in the air. Love you back.





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