Artist Statement


Inspired by local landscapes, marauding ravens and life drawings, most of my current work is painted using a computer program Painter 2020 Corel, and a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet & pen as my artist’s media / tool to produce final, one-of-a-kind archival fine art images.

All my pieces are originals: imagery is drawn on the computer.  I typically use drawings created from life drawing / plein air sessions, and “play” (explore the possibilities) with the basic simple image until I find a personal satisfaction with the final work.  During the past few years, I have been creating a series of figurative paintings I consider modern cave paintings, depicting figurative images on various decaying urban walls: peeling paint, spalling stucco, rotting wood surfaces.   The figuratives come from 1 – 7 minute poses with a live model.

I treat each printed creation as a one-of-a-kind original.   Selected images are printed using Epson Archival Inks (guaranteed to last 100+ years) on 100% acid-free rag paper or other archival papers and stored / framed in an archival tradition.


I’ve been exploring the figure for many years in just about any medium I could get my hands into: clay, watercolor, charcoal, oils, pastels, pen & ink, acrylics, etching, wire-form.   After over 40 years, I’m mostly into working with clay and figures still emerge, along with functional ceramic works.

I have created a number of ceramic rollers & stamps, each with a unique design which impart an impressed image/texture into my clay pieces.  Typically, I work in sets of 4 or more.


I have been collecting beads, semi-precious stones, metal findings, wires, since the '60's.  Hahaha!  Antique beads!  And I repurpose old jewelry and found objects into necklaces and earrings.  Keeps me out of trouble.


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