Artist Statement

I feel fortunate to see so much beauty in life. Making art is about appreciating and trying to understand this beauty. I can't remember a time I didn't make art. I have continued to make it during some trying times in the last few years, having flanked by parents in their last years. Making art is a refuge and a sacrament.

I work in art stained glass because of the intensity  and vibrancy of color which it makes possible as I react to  moods, content, color, texture, and pattern around me. I hope these works become old friends that continue to offer a new experience with each viewing. I paint because it allows a freedom not there with glass.

Since attending San Francisco State (literature)  and then studying painting and drawing at a community college I've moved to being quite independent in my learning.

I have a profound respect for the reverence I feel when making art whether it be mosaic, studio painting, or plein air painting.  In recent years my work has become looser and more abstract regardless of medium, but especially in my studio paintings. I create art as a meditation, a prayer, and an offering to the divine in all of us. My work in generally happy and, I hope, uplifting. I sing a healing intention into each piece.




1616 Heritage Ln, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA

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