Artist Statement

I was born in the “coal regions” of Pennsylvania, and my surroundings were depressingly gray.  In my painting, I see my world in terms of vibrant color.    I’m fascinated by contrasts: light and dark, lost and found, wash in juxtaposition to hard edges.  Painting for me has become an expression of my inner serenity and clarity.

About 15 years ago I tried watercolor, and developed an ongoing love of the medium.  Being self taught in watercolor, I didn’t know the “rules”, so I gave myself the freedom to experiment. One of the experiments that I’ve pursued is using water-media canvas.  This gives me the freedom to combine watercolor, acrylic, and water-based oil.

In addition to developing my own work, I’ve been doing workshops and teaching on cruise ships.  Seeing the “light” go on for people is extremely rewarding for me.

All of the paintings in my "images" are originals and for sale.

Giclees are available for all of my work at $45 for a 16 x 20 with a double mat. You can also order other sizes and canvas prints upon request. I also sell card selections.

To visit my studio in person contact me at 408-981-1166 (we'll use masks and social distancing)


310 Crows Nest Drive, United States

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